Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: 'The Lord answers prayers'

South Elgin, IL:

This past year has been difficult for both Steven and I. We had our daughter Cadence, of whom is an unplanned blessing. We also have decided to get married, after dedicating our life to Christ and praying and planning. He is currently a full time student and worker, and I work full time as well. We've been blessed to have great family, whom have helped us a great multitude of ways. Steven and I have been following God's way by be seperated before being married, knowing in this we will be blessed. To have evidential proof of this blessing, the day before Christmas eve this year, Steven went home to our apartment after visiting me at my Mother's house. He found a wrapped jar with a book underneath it. It was placed directly in front of the door. Steven opened the gift to find large mason jar full of change and he began to read the book. Astonished, Steven called me and told me what he had found. I was amazed, and felt like my prayers were answered. You see, we've been struggling financially, we've needed new tires, and money for formula and christmas was looking pretty grim. Steven took the jar to the bank and amongst all the change, there was a hundred dollar bill. That all totaled to three hundred dollars!!!! I kept racking my brain to figure out who would do such a wonderful thing, and then it dawned on me. It doesn't matter, it's the answer to my prayer. The Lord will provide. Steven and I have decided that next year will be our turn to give a Christmas Jar to someone or some family in need. God bless, and The Lord answers prayers...he hears our cries and knows our whoas!....AMEN

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