Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: 'I took the two jars hidden in a box'

Yorkville, IL:

We started our Christmas jar last year and had enough for two this year. We wanted to bless two families. My wife and I help with the PADS(shelter) and wanted to help a family from that. The churches decided to have the homeless families stay in a Holiday "INN" motel for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. I took the two jars hidden in a box and was to drop it off for them anonymously. As I drove up I saw a young family leaving. I wondered if they were the family. I went inside and talked to the clerk who wasn't able to help me. I left and called the church for more info. They described the family. What stood out was the description of the little 5 yr old boy - bright red curly hair. That was the family! I was half way home and turned back to the INN. I was discussing the whole story with the clerk when in walked the family with the little boy with the gorgeous curly red hair! The clerk had to take a reservation call so I watched where they went. After the clerk finished the reservation she turned to me. At the same time the young family was heading down the hallway with the little red-head running ahead of them to the indoor pool. I asked the clerk to be quiet and pointed and mouthed the family was headed for the pool. I knew only their first names, Steven, Megan, and little Jacob. I asked the clerk to go and ask if they were Steven, Megan, & Jacob. If they were - to tell them an older gentleman with a red suit had dropped off a box for them. She nodded to me that they were the family we had searched for so I sneaked out the door and headed on my way. The clerk and another patron had told me how generous my wife and I were but I replied that it was just what we wanted to do. As I left to return home my heart filled and my tears of joy took over. I'm certain others in cars would have wondered why a grown man was crying in his car. Probably thinking something terrible had happened to me but if only they knew. Just then over the radio came the song about the little boy wanting to buy his mother shoes in ! case she saw Jesus tonight. I had to pull over. I don't know if I have ever felt the joy in my heart like I do right now typing this. As tears fall on my keyboard I feel the joy of Christ's birth in a way I never knew before. Thank you Jesus for leading me to this family in need and please watch over them and help them find you as I have. I just realized I have some spare change in my pocket and an empty jar to begin filling once more.

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