Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: 'We prayed for help to find someone in need'

Livermore, CA:

My husband and I saw Jason on TV last year so started a Christmas Jar right away. We are so blessed and want to share with those less fortunate. We do a lot to help our children but this was to be for someone in the community who was in need. We prayed for help to find someone in need but by Christmas eve had not gotten an answer. I drove around town and saw a church that was letting out. As I drove through the parking lot I saw an old friend so I stopped. I explained what I was up to and he guided me to the church secretary and they both said the name at the same time. My husband and I took the jar and a copy of the book to the home and knocked on the door. She said come on in but we set the bag down and walked away. I saw the curtain open so ducked behind the bushes. She must have seen the back of my husband. We left it in Gods hands hoping she opened the door and found the jar and book. We pray that our Christmas jar has a profound affect on this persons life and gives her hope in her fellow man through the love of Jesus Christ that led us to her.

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