Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: 'I selected a very special person to have my Christmas Jar.'

Salt Lake City, UT:

After saving my change all year and adding many dollars to the top of my jar, I selected a very special person to have my Christmas Jar. She took care of my children while I was at work. She fed them homemade whole wheat bread, read them stories, helped them learn to cooperate, clean up and feel self worth. Lois is happy, positive and upbeat She has existed for over 50 years with a minimum. She has been a child care giver and continues to do so into her 70's because she needs the income.
When I was working and raising my family I didn't have any extra funds to give her in appreciation. So this year I felt that she was the one I wanted to give that bonus to! I put the jar in a box; put the box in a bright red round ornament bag; stuffed the top with tissues of white and purple, then made a special note to express the heart felt thanks of all the parents who have been grateful for Lois and her special care of our children through the years. On the top of the jar was a paper where I printed "Your Christmas Jar" Inspired by the book, "Christmas Jars", by Jason Wright. This is now my Christmas tradition. My new jar is ready and tucked in my night stand for 2011!

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