Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: 'I been without a job since July'

Kendallville, IN

My name is Melissa Hall, im a believer in Jesus Christ and this is my story...I'm a single mother of three beautiful children. I've been without a job since july. times r tough this xmas season but I know my Heavenly Father will supply ALL my needs as He has promised. on dec. 20 my son Walker and I were watching a christmas movie when we heard the screen door open. so we jumped up, looked out the window only to see a flash of our christmas angel disappear out of sight! outside the door was a sparkley red bag and inside was a quart mason jar full of money!!
Walker screamed "we're rich mommy!" it couldn't have come at a better time, so thank you dear friend of mine! I'm certain God will bless you for blessing us! next year I plan to do the same for someone! MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY NEW YEAR AND GOD BLESS EVERYONE!!!!!


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