Friday, December 11, 2015

'My 1st recipient was a lady that I've known since middle school'

Stephens City, Virginia

This is my first year participating in the Christmas Jar. Last year I read the book & absolutely loved the idea! I cleaned out an old pickle jar & started collecting change. 

My 1st recipient was a lady that I've known since middle school (we are in our 30's). She had a rough life growing up & is a single mom to 3 girls who has never received child support. She has held 3 jobs at the same time to provide for her family. She has a strong faith & always pushes forward. She is my HERO! Always there to help me in my time of need even though she's going through worse stuff than me.

When I started the Christmas Jar, I knew instantly she was getting the 1st jar. My dear friend lives in an apartment so I had to brainstorm how to get the money to her. Obviously I could not leave a jar in front of her apartment door. I decided on a VISA gift card. I mailed the gift card with the book. 

My dad has known my dear friend a long time too. He was moved by my Christmas Jar & he decided to send her $400!! Dad knows how hard my friend works & knows she would be so appreciative.

Luck would have it my friend reached out by text & FB to me as soon as she received her package. She asked if I sent the package. She said she was crying so hard her girls thought something bad happened. She was so thankful for the gift. I responded God must have known her need. I was so happy for her & Merry Christmas. I'm sad to say she figured out I was the one that sent the package. 

My friend was doubting if she was doing the right thing in her life. Once the Christmas Jar package arrived she had the confidence again that everything was going to work out. I heard from her today. Their house offer was accepted! She deserves this happiness. 

I am thankful for Jason & the Christmas Jars. My heart is happy knowing things are falling into place for my dear friend. 

That is what Christmas is all about! I love you my friend & hero. Merry Christmas to all! ♡

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