Wednesday, December 24, 2014

'I'm in awe of God right now and how he always takes care of his children'

Sallisaw, Oklahoma

Okay!! I have to share my own Miracle on Christmas Eve! As most of you know, I am a single mom trying to do ALL I can for my kids. The struggle of a single mom is real and so very hard, but I wouldn't change anything because I get to spend every moment with them. 

Anyways, this Christmas I did what I could to get my kids new decor for our tree (personal reasons), wrapping paper for presents that I didn't buy my kids, lil $1 stocking stuffers and things for our house that was needed. Through it all I didn't pay an electric bill that I have been stressing over and if not paid, my shut off date would be on the 30th.

Last Thursday around 8:30pm I had an elderly man ring my doorbell asking for Danielle Kelley. After telling him that was me he then told me that he he was given this gift to bring to me and how I was a hard person to catch because it was the 4th trip he had made down here to give me this gift. He then gave me the gift, wished me and my family a Merry Christmas and then said God Bless.

I put the gift under the tree and didn't think about it again because I had other things and worries on my mind. Tonight I unwrapped this anonymous gift and tears filled my eyes. I was gifted with this Christmas card, this book and this jar filled with money that quadrupled the amount of my electric bill!

For anyone who says there aren't Angels that walk among us, No such thing as Miracles or A God who takes care of his children… You are sadly mistaken!! I'm in awe of God right now and how he always takes care of his children! I can now pay my electric and get my kids gifts.

Danielle Kelley

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