Saturday, December 27, 2014

'At first I was numb and speechless'

Council Bluffs, Iowa

I was working my part time job here in Council Bluffs on the evening of 12/23/14 when a very pleasant woman approached me and proceeded to ask me questions about my family. At first I was very apprehensive not knowing why this total stranger was being so curious and invasive about my personal life. She sensed that I was a little concerned and said that she would be right back with her family.

The next thing I knew, her husband and entire family came walking in and put a jar full of money on the counter and said that it was for me.

At first I was numb and speechless as to why these total strangers would be giving me this jar full of money. They asked me if I have ever heard of the “CHRISTMAS JARS”. I told them that I hadn’t and she explained that at the beginning of every year, her entire family empties their pockets of change every day into this jar. Then right before Christmas, they are guided by GOD to choose someone to receive this gift. Along with the jar was this book written by Jason F. Wright called the “Christmas Jars”.

I kept asking, “Why me???” I just did not understand how or why they came to me with this selfless gift of kindness. I tried to explain that I was so grateful but did not feel that I could accept it, knowing there are so many people in more need of this money than I, but they insisted that I have it. I tried to explain that I was not being ungrateful, but if they wanted me to keep it, could I pass it onto one of my co-workers who needed it so much more than I, and struggles daily just to survive and has no family.. She said that now they knew for sure, they had chosen the right person for this gift. So this is what I did.

When my co-worker came in to relieve me, I passed the jar onto her and explained the events of the evening and she could not believe or understand it any more than I was at this point… She kept asking,’ Why did they come here? Why did they come here?” The very same question that I am still asking myself over and over.

She is still in a state of shock and says that she cannot believe that this miracle came to her at a time she needed it most. She runs her fingers through the pile of coins everyday just to convince herself that this was not all a dream. She was able to buy groceries, catch up her electric bill and have enough quarters to do laundry for quite some time.

I was so humbled by this act of kindness that I am going to start my own jar for next year.
I would like to thank this family from the bottom of my heart. They have made this one Christmas I will not soon forget. The look of joy on my co-workers face is not one I will forget anytime soon. Bless you……………..

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