Friday, October 24, 2014

'She never would ask for help'

Maurertown, Virginia:

I helped a single Mother with two young Children.

It was Christmas time it and broke my heart knowing that she could not give her Children a Christmas. It was a toss up food or gifts I took it upon myself to make sure they had a great Christmas.

She never would ask for help I over heard her talking and I could not go to bed and sleep knowing what would happen. I got several of my co workers involved we went shopping for gifts for all baked cookies cakes and pies. Got extra Holiday food for them to eat, we also had Money donated.

I along with a close friend went and delivered all the gifts and goodies and food to their door very quietly knowing they all were in bed knocked on the door till a light came on we ran back to my car and watched the door open and to see her hands go up to her face and look around to see if anyone was still around.

We were back at work she was talking about it to all of us she came right out ask me if I had anything to do with what happened. I told her no I couldn't tell her the truth I didn't want her to know I knew anything, I told her it was Christmas Angels.

Today she still does not know.

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