Wednesday, December 25, 2013

'What this jar did was give me hope for the New Year'

Rockford, IL:

We are going through a very difficult time. My husband is out of work and I work part-time. We only have enough money as I saw it yesterday to make it less than three weeks. I have been so scared and on my knees in prayer for my husband to find employment.

We went to church last night as a family to worship Jesus for His Birthday, not about us about Jesus. We received a blue bag and it was heavy. We got it home and I said is it a ham for it was that type of shape in the bag, no it was a Christmas Jar full of lots of coins many silver! Plus a book. My son and I counted the coins and they came to $266. which will pay the electric and gas for the month. I saw God at work, which gave me hope that He has not left us and He will provide my husband a job in Jan. Never have we had such little time to find employment, but we honestly won't make it.

What this jar did was give me hope for the New Year, hope that even perhaps next year at this time I will be the one to give a Christmas Jar away. Whoever did this I am so very thankful.

Whoever reads this please share the hope and prayers that the New Year will bring employment. That the fear will end and I will have peace like I had last night. It is something I will be in awe of the rest of my life, it was definitely a God moment.

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  1. Lovely story! God Bless You All! And to follow has this year been?