Thursday, December 26, 2013

'Thank you for the blessing and restoring my faith once again'

Carpentersville , Illinois:

I'm a single mom of a 12 year old boy. The last two years have been hard since finding out my son was diagnosed with autism. I found that I have to be there for him all the time, I never know what will happen and how he will handle any given situation. Just a hour ago we found a bag on the door step and in that bag was the book Christmas Jars and a jar full of charge. No foot steps in the snow, no tire tracks and no idea who has blessed us with this great gift. My faith in humankind has been redeemed, my faith was challenged when I was at a food pantry and those receiving food didn't even say thank you as if they were entitled to the food. I may not have much but manners goes a long way. So Thank you for the blessing a and restoring my faith once again. God bless all of you who make a difference in someones life.

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