Friday, December 27, 2013

'Our Christmas jar gift meant I would be able to buy my husbands special food'

Las Vegas, Nevada:

Our Christmas jar gift meant I would be able to buy my husbands special food.  Earlier in the day I had been looking at the counter where the cans are kept and I saw how low it was and wasn't sure what I was going to do since my only money left in my account was for gas to get to work.  When I heard the doorbell and opened the door and looked out through the screened door and didn't see anyone my thought was why is someone ding dong ditching a house where the dad is sick, in pain and trying with all his being to fight the Cancer that has evaded his body and put our simple lives on a terrifying roller coaster ride.

When i finally looked down and saw a jar with a pickle jar lid, I couldn't tell what was inside.  I reached down to pick it up and was surprised on how heavy it was and read the words on the jar. Tears rolled down my eyes. I went to the couch where my husband was resting to show him my discovery and tears welled up in his eyes. I then took a picture of it and sent it to our youngest daughter who was at her second job.

When my husband was diagnosed with Throat Cancer and was told he would have to start treatment immediately he would not be able to work our daughter went and got a second job to help pay the bills. How blessed the 3 of us felt. When she came home that night we stayed up and counted all the coins and dollars for a total of 104.57. Plenty of money to buy 3 cases of my husbands food. Merry Christmas to that family that gave us the true meaning and feeling of Christmas. We are already filling up the jar to pass on to another family.

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