Thursday, December 26, 2013

'I cannot tell you how this seemingly simple act has affected me today'

Richmond, VA:

I will never cease to be amazed by the generosity of all the people I've come into contact with over the years, and even those I may never know. I have been blessed in so many ways, by having an amazing daughter, and friends and family that have helped us on our crazy journey through life.

My daughter, adopted from Russia three years ago, is a happy, energetic 5 yr old, who is also battling a dangerous metabolic condition. We are in midst of the testing phase to evaluate her for Urea Cycle Disorder, in which the body does not convert ammonia into urea to be excreted out. As a result, ammonia levels build up, and if high enough, can lead to permanent brain damage.

This evening, my sister K dropped off a small Christmas gift bag. The story she told me still leaves me in awe.

Inside the bag was a Christmas Jar. This bag, and this jar, reached my door through several anonymous hands. Great steps were taken to ensure that the original person responsible for the jar remain undisclosed. The woman that gave K the jar, Mrs D, is the wife of our church's former pastor. Mrs D told my sister that SHE had received the jar from someone ELSE, and did not know who (and made if very clear she was not responsible for it, but rather another hand to get to me).

According to the story that was told to Mrs D, and then to K, the person responsible for the jar has had a long-standing tradition. At the beginning of each year, they start putting all their spare change into a jar. They never remove any of it, just keep adding, little by little. Then, at Christmas time, they send the jar, with strict anonymity, to a person or family that they feel could really benefit from it.

The message that was sent with the jar when it reached my door was that, with all of the tests and procedures we are facing right now, and in the months ahead, the gifter knew that money may become a problem. So my daughter and I were chosen this year to receive their jar.

I cannot tell you how this seemingly simple act has affected me today. I am honored, and awestruck. I WISH I could say thank you in person to this wonderful individual, but that is the point - I just know the kindness. And it has strengthened me more, and given me more hope, than I thought possible. Being pocket change, the money in the jar isn't much, but it will help. There is no doubt about that. And the sheer fact that the jar exists, helps even more. To whomever chose our family, thank you.

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