Saturday, November 23, 2013

'It's just pure joy, Holiday spirit, it brings tears to my eyes!'

Newark, NY:

Our 1st time getting Xmas jar was in year of 2008. Jonathan received an envelope, each word on the envelope was someone else hand writer. There were two envelopes with 3 different stamps on it, last envelope no stamp. With the book Christmas Jar. We had showed everyone we knew it because we were just so amazed and thankful.

2009 similar story.

2010 I received one, however I had found it in my purse. And if your a woman like me, you don't clean out your purse that often.

I then received one in 2012 on a pie on the door steps to our house, also a get well balloon (year of my car accident).

2013, I received one today on my windshield of my car. We have received the book each time. How the book reads, someone fills there jar with loose change or spare money through out the year and gives it to someone. It's kinda pay-it-forward, type of thing. Each year we have gotten it: it's various amounts, different envelopes, different certified checks, or just simple cash, one year Jonathan got Canadian cash. It's really magical.

However, I would of never accepted it 4x throughout my life time. But each time it has helped, and we are extremely grateful. I would like to think it's someone close because they are seem to know when things are rough, or if it's just someone random they are pretty lucky for knowing when we could use it.

It's just pure joy, Holiday spirit, it brings tears to my eyes!


  1. Another happy story about the Christmas Jars. They have brought so much happiness and joy to so many in their time of need. Thank you Jason Wright for this wonderful loving kindness you have instilled in so many.

  2. It's not luck. God is watching out for you.