Monday, January 2, 2012

'We know that God still has a plan for my husband and for me'

Vinemont, Alabama:

It was on Christmas Eve night 2011, I heard a knock at our door.  I seen a man standing there and he said the Lord laid this on my heart to give this to you and your family. I had never seen the man before, and i replied thank you.  I reached to get it and he said  mam this is to heavy for you to carry can i set it down somewhere and i said sure just set it in front of the Christmas Tree.

And i said what Church or who sent this he replied Merry Christmas and as he walked out the door I said Merry Christmas and God bless you.

When he left i picked up the pail which i thought was full of fruit as i began removing everything out there was a bag of candy that my husband dad liked very much we use to carry it to him before his passing, and there was also some peppermint sticks that my grandma who has passed also liked.  Jeff and i was almost in tears.

So as i looked down i saw the top of a jar.  So i began to get it out and I told my husband this is awfully heavy.  As i pulled it out i seen all the money and coins in the jar.  My husband and i could not believe it.

So i opened the jar took some coins in my hands and i began praying that God would bless whoever hands had placed the coins into the jar.

My husband began reading in the book we had never heard of this before. All i know that God sent an Angel on Christmas Eve night.

It had been an extremely hard year for my husband and me.  On July 19th my husband became a paraplegic.  All my husband had known all his life was hard work.  My husband had taken care of his mom and dad before there passing away.

I met my husband at a store where i was working, I had lost my first husband to a massive heart attack and the age of 47.  We had two children a daughter and a son.  My son found his father laying in a field 17 hours later after his death on Friday 13th of July.

After the passing of my first husband i became lonely and i prayed asking God if it was his will that i remarry that he would send me a faithful christian and someone that would be good to me and my kids. And he sent me Jeff a blessing sent from heaven. This man took care of me and my children in so many ways that it was unreal.  Hard worker, very respectful and loved me vey much. Everyone around the community thanks the world of my husband.

On July 19th of 2011 my husband was admitted into the hospital with back pain and a fever, he was up walking and giving himself showers. Five days later overnight my husband could not feel anything from his chest down. the doctors thought he had a blood clot at the top of his spine.  They sent us to St. Vincents where he went four and a half hours surgery to remove MRSA from his spine.  The pressure from the MRSA crushed the top of his spinal cord causing him to have a spinal cord injury.  We stayed in three intensive care units for about two and half months.

I seen our Lord and Savior perform many miracles upon my husband. He went into acute kidney failure, God brought him through that, he had an allergic reaction to the vancomycin which gave him the red mans rash with a temp. reaching 104 degrees, God brought him through that and then he had c-diff which they thought they was going to have to remove his colon God brought him through that. So many people praying for us no doubt God got him through all of it.  We got to come home in September where my husband is still a papaplegic.  

Its very difficult to see him from being a man that worked hard all his life never drank, smoked, used drugs or even said a cuss word.  But we know that God still has a plan for my husband and for me.  We still have each other and our faith. So I am thanking the person for that Christmas jar that made our Christmas much better. And i pray that the Lord bless you and your family.  Merry Christmas. We ask that you pray that my husband will one day walk again.

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