Friday, January 6, 2012

'Our son passed away a few years ago in December'

Powell , Wyoming:

I would like to ramain annonomous, we live in a very small town and don't want to be found out. Our son passed away a few years ago in December.  We were reading the Christmas Jar book together as a family.  We didn't get to finish it before he passed away, but shortly after he passed away and we finished the book, I started thinking, I didn't want that day in December to be a really sad day for the rest of our lives, so I decided to start the Christmas jar tradition in our family.  We saved our change for the next year.  On the anniversary of our sons death, the entire family got together, we eat our sons favorite foods, remembered wonderful stories about him, and counted  6 jars, then we all went out and annonomously delivered them. It was a great night of shared memories and service to others. I'm sure my son approves of what we did. We immediately started saving for the next year. This year we all got together again, and did the same thing. Only we had saved serveral more jars and we decorated them.  I am so happy to have a positive activity for a night that could otherwise be very sad. Thanks for the book Mr. Wright and for Glenn Beck for bring the book to our attention.

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