Thursday, December 27, 2012

'There were four christmas jars left on my back doorsteps'

Saint Francisville, Louisiana:

My kids and I had left the house on Christmas Eve to attend the 7:30 p.m. church service.  When we returned there were four christmas jars left on my back doorsteps filled with nickels, quarters, dimes, dollar coins and bills.  I am a single parent raising my two children and lost my mother to cancer in April of this year.  My children are my inspiration and we have grown very close since my seperation from their father.  One is in college, the other a junior in high school.  We weren't planning anything special for Christmas and they knew we weren't going to have an extravagant one spending more than I could afford.  When we arrived home and found the jars we were astounded.  We wondered who would have done such a deed.  My children immediately began thinking of how they would begin their own jars to save throughout the year and had begun thinking of who they wanted to share them with.  The conversations we've had since the receipt of the jars have been wonderful and has proven to be a real inspiration.

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