Thursday, December 27, 2012

'I was dreading the holidays'

Locust Grove, VA:

It had been a really rough year. My husband and I had lost 3 beloved pets and struggled financially. The final blow was when he fell from our hay loft and broke his back. Since August, it has been one surgery afer another, IV treatments for infection,therapy and alot of re-adjusting.  

My family basically abandoned us with the exception of my brother. I was dreading the holidays. At work one night, I found a brown bag on my work station. I am a bartender. It just said to make sure I got the package.  There was a jar inside with coin and cash. There was also a lovely note of love and faith. And also the book "Christmas Jars". I read the book with grave facination and was touched by the story. I have already started my own Christmas Jar for next year. I hope I can do for someone what this gift did for me. Thank you.

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