Tuesday, December 25, 2012

'You have made a difference in a family's Christmas this year'

East Bend, North Carolina:

I am a quilt instructor to 15 students.  This idea was presented to me last year from a very good friend.  I presented it to my students last January w/a book given to each one.  Nine of my students took part.  Occassionally we would discuss the jar through the year.

When December rolled around, they were excited to be able to share their bounty.  I have a friend in church who works for Family Services so getting addresses of low income families was not a problem.

My quilters gathered on Christmas Eve at my home for goodies and wassil and the addresses in hand.  We piled in two cars each w/an address.  My people in my car prayed before we left.  We knew this could make a Christmas for a family that might go w/out.

As instructed for each address we either knocked or rang a door bell.  As each family came to the door, we handed a jar full of money to each receipient, said Merry Christmas and may God Bless you, then left.

No embrassment on the receipent's part and what a blessing we received.  We now know who these individuals are not by name but address and plan on doing something every quarter for each of these families. 

Thank's Christina for sharing such a wonderful story.  And thank you quilt group of Enon Baptist Church for your generosity throughout the year.  You have made a difference in a family's Christmas this year.

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