Tuesday, December 25, 2012

'I was sitting home Christmas Eve feeling all alone'

Lakeland, FL:

I was sitting home Christmas Eve feeling all alone. I have four Son's but only one that lives close by. I have two Son's in the Army, one that has served 2 tours in Iraq the other that was just commissoned 2nd LT at 23 yrs old,and the other two are also doing amazing things in their lifes. I have so much to be thankful for. In fact last Christmas eve the Son that was in Iraq surprised me on Christmas eve, he was home from Iraq.

Well a lot has happened in the last two years, my husband decided he wanted a divorce, our house is in a short sale, I had to move into an apartment by myself and I am disabled and get very little every month plus what my soon to be ex-husband gives me, our Business of 16 years closed the end of May 2012, we were forced to file bankruptcy and then here it was Christmas all of a sudden.

I did not even want to put up a tree or decorate, I knew I could not afford to buy anyone gifts and just could not get that Christmas Spirit I always had. I have been worried every week if I can by groceries or get gas for my car, or by my medicine that keeps me alive.

I prayed and prayed and cried, what to do? I finally put a 2ft Christmas tree up, but most of all prayed, and prayed for all of the ones that didn't have all the wonderful things I have been blessed with. I prayed that God bless them in ways that would change their life.

So again Christmas eve all alone I was getting texts from my Son's and the one that lives close by said "Mom someone knocked on our door and when we answered it no one was there. But I looked down and there was this jar and card with your name on it."

He brought it right over. I opened the card, it was signed God Bless you, Secret Friends. The jar was filled with coins and cash, I haven't even counted it yet, that doesn't matter at the moment. The card said to go to this website. I feel like a little child on Christmas that has been blessed with a whole bunch of gifts. Wow comes to mind.

Thank you God, Thank you to all the ones that have been praying for me and helped make this possible. I now have the spirit alive inside me. I will start a Christmas Jar right away for a special someone for next year. I just can not explain the feeling I have right now.

Thank you for giving to the Lord.....Merry Christmas Everyone

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