Sunday, December 23, 2012

'We lost our home to foreclosure this year'

Eagan, Minnesota:

Saturday morning (12/22/12) we woke to find a box on our front stoop. We opened the box and inside was a wrapped present. We were completely baffled as to what it might be. Upon unwrapping the present we came face to face with a true Christmas Miracle! It was a Christmas Jar filled with hundreds and hundreds of dollars in bills and coins, and the Christmas Jars book. We were, and still are, completely overwhelmed by such a generous surprise.

Obviously, we do not know who left it, but rest assured, we have already started a new family tradition of collecting coins all year in a Christmas Jar for someone else next Christmas.

We had never heard of Christmas Jars, but it has changed our Christmas, and our lives.

To whomever loved our family enough to Bless us, we are deeply thankful and overcome with gratitude. You made Christmas possible for our kids, and gave us Peace.

Our backstory, we lost our business, and income, in 2009. We have struggled with lengthy unemployment, we lost our home to foreclosure this year, and I am once again unemployed. We have 3 of the best sons in the world, and they were facing a present-less Christmas.

God Bless the Christmas Jar, and God Bless the people who anonymously left that Miracle on our door stoop. We Will Pay It Forward ...

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  1. Hey my name is josh James and im visiting my family out here in las Vegas "Henderson" and last night my aunt went to leave the house to go somewhere and she opened the door and found a jar full of money and a book with your name on it. Im not are if you dropped it off but i do wanna say THANK YOU!! Thank you for your generosity for this. My aunt is goin through a hardship right now cause she got laid off on her job and she's having a hard time trying to figure out how she's gonna pay rent and keep a roof over her and her kids heads. This was a huge blessing for her and as soon as she seen the jar she came in crying. We just know that this is an act of god and we give him the glory for this. Even through you. So thank you again for this this is awesome :) here's a photo i took of the jar and book!

    -god bless and happy holidays!

    Josh James