Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Jars Story: 'We hope to spread the joy'

Dickinson, North Dakota:

Our 7th Grade literature class read the story Christmas Jars. We all thought it was a great story. Our teacher Mrs. Pritchard gave us this project; we had to get a jar and put our pocket change in it. We had only 3 months to collect the money.

Nobody knew who to give their money to, so we contacted Social Services and they gave us 8 kids who's families didn't have enough money to get them what they needed and wanted for Christmas. We also got to go shopping for them.

On the 13th of December we got all the money together and the class raised $600 for shopping. We also got other donations from different people, so we had a total of $1,200. We went shopping at wal-mart and got to spend about $100 on each kid. We also wrapped all the presents at school. We had $200 left over so we donated it to Social Services.

Christmas Jars touched our hearts and we hope to spread the joy.

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  1. For those of you who wish to spend money on toys for Christmas- i wanted to tell you about the program that Target has. If they know what you are doing, they will sell you the toys at cost. Contact the manager of your store. They did this for our local Toy shop program where we buy toys for the children who wont have a Christmas. you need to contact the program manager before you go shopping. This way your money will go twice as far. Merry Christmas!