Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Jars Story: 'We hope that the donor someday reads this'

Carroll, IA:

We recieved our Christmas Jar in early December of 2012. It was sent through the mail, and it contained the Christmas Jar book, a Christmas card, a short note, and a $550 Visa gift card. (We were chosen to receive this gift because we have had a difficult fall with my husband being diagnosed with cancer shortly after the birth of our son.) This gift was such a blessing and allowed us to get gifts for our family. We do not know who gave us this gift, but we do know that our jar came from my hometown, Audubon, IA, where I currently teach.

We hope that the donor someday reads this and knows how thankful we are for this special gift. In conclusion, we plan on continuing the Christmas Jar tradition ourselves, so others can experience the feelings of  joy and thankfulness a jar can bring to a family in a time of need.

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