Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Jars Story: 'These acts of kindness have helped restore my faith in humanity'

Effingham, New Hampshire:

My story goes back to 2006 when I was laid off from a job I truly loved selling power tools and working with contractors in their tool needs. I was good at it and built relationships with some of my customers that still stand today. I was caught up in the beginning of the economic downturn that was going to turn this country on its head. 

I land another job selling in the construction industry within a few months, and worked there for another three years and was phased out of that job as well. I ended up hunkering down for a long epriod of unemployment 18 months to be exact, going though my life savings what little I had, as well as my retirement accounts.

I finally landed a job as an Internet Manager with a auto dealership, and worked there for 18 months. I enjoyed the work at first, but as time wore on I realized Auto sales was not for me. I did not enjoy the way the dealership did business, and after a disagreement with my boss last June I was summarilly terminated.

My family and I did alright through the summer and into fall. I cut wood and laid it up for the winter to help heat the house, and went through a surgery that put me on my back for the better part of a month. Unemployment checks were not enough to keep up with the bills and we found ourselves getting further and further behind.

The story of miracles begin on Thursday December 13th. My wife was called in to work on her normal day off. When the mail was delivered that day We recieved a check form the church we attend that was to cover the mortgage, and automobile insurance for the month and they were making my truck payment aw well, that was past due, I had been working on this with the Asosciate Pastor for a couple of weeks after they asked me if they could help. 

Then my wife called and asked if I coule meet her, so I drove to where she was in town and she showed me a card one of her customers had left for her, when I opeened the card there was a fairly hefty check inside, that would help us immensely, with the note thinking her for everything she did to make them feel welcome in town. That would have been a miracle enough for this weary soul, but shortly after my wife returned home, while I was cooking dinner, we received a mysterious phone call. When my wife answered the voice at the other end said he was a friend of a friend and had something he wanted to drop by the house, would between 7 and 7:30 be good for us. My wife replied affirmatively, and we ate dinner wiaitn to see what this cryptic phone call would yield. Every noise in the front o fthe house made us peek out the front window to see if it was the mysterious visitor.

Finally, shortly after 7:30 I heard a car out front, and someone in the front yard with a flashlight. I went to he front door and someone was at the door, I never was able to see his face, and he slid a jar inside the front door, and said here you go, and he turned around and left. I looked down at the jar and picked it up, noticing how heavy it was, but could not really see inside of it as the front hall was dark. I carried it into the kitchen and noticed the coins and wads of bills inside the jar.

Needless to say the contents of this jar will help my family immensely over the near future. Also inside the jar was a copy of the Christmas Jars...I stayed up most of the night reading it, finishing it this morning, with tearful eyes.

These acts of kindness have helped restore my faith in humanity, that there are still people out their who truly understand the true meaning of Christmas. God bless you all who have helped make this Christmas a very truly memorable one.

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