Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Jars Story: 'This Christmas is unforgettable'

Voorhees, New Jersey:

On December 10th, I was out Christmas shopping with my dad that morning. That afternoon I received a phone call from my boyfriend saying he was home from school and wanted to know what I was doing. We hung up and a few hours later I received another phone call from him asking if I knew anyone that drive a white GMC. I looked at my dad and he said its no one I know so I told him no I don't. My boyfriend told me that was weird because a girl with her mom gave his mom a stocking full of stuff and told her to give it us. His mom was on the way out and didn't have time to give the stocking to my boyfriend.

So he calls his mom and asks her who that girl was that stopped in front of the house and she told him she didnt ask because she thought he knew because she told her to us a stocking. He told his mother that he had no idea who she was and has never seen her before.

So he then calls me and i told him to tell his mom to look inside and see if there is a card or something. I get another phone call and he tells me the card is not signed but there was a card, candy cans, a book and a Christmas jar full of money ($154.12) plus a gift card with $50 on it. None of this stuff had any names on it. For almost an hour we were wondering who could of given us something like this. I kept running threw my head possiblilities of who I could be but none of them played out. My dad and I were puzzled. When I returned home that evening, I looked at all the stuff and looked threw the book for anything saying who it might be from but I got nothing. As I was flipping threw the book I noticed it tied into the jar. Everyone was so curious as to why us and how did they know us and why no name. The only thin left to do was read the book.

So that night I put everything together and told no one to touch it until I read the book. So for two days I read this book and now I understand why. This is truly an amazing gift. The book is so wonderful, that I'm telling m parents to read it. This gift really touched my heart. I had my first child at eighteen and this really helps us out for the holidays. Half of the money is going towards my daughters college fund that we have been saving for. I just want to thank whoever thought of us this year and gave us this wonderful gift. 

This Christmas is unforgettable.

I am going to share my story with my other as well as save and do my own jar next year for someone. Receiving this jar opened my eyes and showed me that there are wonderful people out there. I can't wait to start saving my pocket change and giving a jar to someone next year. I couldn't of asked for a better present this year. It's amazing how a tradition carries on like this and I'm willing to pass it on to someone too. Even though we don't know who she is, we saw her and maybe one day we will run into her and be able to thank her for this amazing gift.

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