Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Jars Story: 'My husband & I have been doing this for 5 yrs'

Knoxville, TN:

My husband & I have been doing this for 5 yrs.  3 yrs. ago my Sunday School class started doing it together & this year we gave 5 jars with approx. $160 in ea. jar to 5 different  people in all kinds of circumstances.  We pass a basket around the room every Sunday & we put in dollars or coins so we collected $800 by just doing this & we asked for names of those in our community that needed help.

This year we got 5 names so did not have to draw names.  All the ladies in my SS class love doing this & I am glad I told them about it.  My husband & I gave our jar this year to a Widow's Ministry group of ladies who are widows of former preachers who lived in parsonages & had no homes of their own & now live together in a beautiful Church of God apt. house.  They do all kinds of good deeds for others & we were thrilled to help.

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