Tuesday, December 25, 2012

'God Bless whoever you are'

Zimmerman, MN:

We recently have had some really bad things happen to us which we are trying to cope with. The wonderful thing was to come home Christmas Eve day and find a Christmas jar filled with money saved along with the book "A Christmas Jar". It brought a smile to our faces knowing someone thought of us and didn't want any recognition for it. We plan to pass it forward to do the same thing for someone else. It is a reminder that there are some really wonderful people on this earth. God Bless whoever you are.

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  1. Middlesex,NJ
    Someone left a bag filled with money at my boyfriends home on Christmas Eve for myself and my grandson. I wish I could thank this person or family who thought of us all year long and planned to give us the gift of love this Christmas. Thank you very much for thinking of us.