Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Jars Story: 'A bang, bang, bang came to the front door'

Plympton, Massachusetts:

I was witness to a Christmas Jar miracle in Plympton, Massachusetts!  

On December 14, 2012, I was visiting my daughter and her two children for a Christmas surprise visit from Florida.  I don't believe in coincidences and know that I was meant to be there that evening.  A bang, bang, bang came to the front door.  My grandchildren, age 13 and 10, looked at me in surprise.  My daughter went quickly to the door and found a beautiful red bag on the front porch.  She looked around and saw no one.  She brought in the bag and found a Christmas Jar filled with gift certificates, many dollar bills and lots of change.  A book called The Christmas Jar was there as well with a note inside saying they had been chosen to receive this gift.  The note was made up of individual letters lovingly cut out and pasted to the front page of the book, so the giver of this amazing gift could remain anonymous.  When the kids saw what it was, they ran outside to see if they could find the person who left it.  No one was there. . . .We were all shocked and shed many tears as we sat around the jar all evening shaking our heads and wondering who had left it for them.  That night, we all started reading the story of Christmas Jar.

Did I say that I don't believe in coincidences?  Our family has many special angels in heaven looking after us.  One in particular is the sister of this recipient, who left us seven years ago.  I haven't been home for Christmas for many years, but happened to be there that night.  A coincidence?

The gift of the Christmas Jar came at a perfect time of year, when the pressure of the season might be daunting for some. This gift emphasized the true meaning of Christmas. The sharing of a smile, a hug, or a Christmas Jar that lightens the financial burden that weighs heavily on some families.  

The purpose of the Christmas Jar is to spread JOY to those who may need a little boost or an expression of a love. I know this family will be starting our own Christmas Jar for 2013 and will be looking for a heavenly message directing us to the next family or individual who may be in need of this special expression of caring.  

God Bless those givers and receivers of this true spirit of Christmas!

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