Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Jars Story: 'A weird accident left me with a busted eardrum and no money for a doctor'

Vidor, Texas:

Thank you for sharing Christmas Jars. This year has been a very hard year for me emotionally and financially. Back in September i lost one of my clients from my home based home cleaning service business due to their own financial problems. Due to the economy the last thing people spend their money on is someone to clean their homes. I had to make changes all over the place to make ends meet never knowing from day to day how things will get paid but they all seem to get done. I am a single parent with a 12yr old daughter still at home. So Christmas is still a big deal i had been saving for the little bit she had asked for using all the little bonuses that my customers give me each year.

Then on Thanksgiving Day a weird accident left me with a busted eardrum and no money for a doctor visit or medicine. This is when my jar started for me. My dear friends from my church choir stepped up and payed for the 150$ ear drops needed to help the healing. This happening after an ACTS brother from church looking at it for free on his on time.

Flash forward to 10:30 Christmas Eve warming up with my choir to sing the praise of Christ coming when my dear friend who was home for the holidays from the seminary handed me this box that said DELIVER TO SABRINA. I asked him what it was about, he simply replayed i was asked to give this to you. Wondering what it was about i opened it there on the spot to find a book entitled Christmas Jars and a box full of all kinds of dollars and coins. Being that I was trying to prepare for mass I set it aside to look at when getting home and 2am Christmas morning. Counting the money to find a little more than 186$.I was delighted that people had thought of me.

I know that it was many involved with my Christmas Jar and it warmed my heart of their giving during this time of year.But on to the real reason for me to come to your web site to tell of my story. I have finished the book that came with my package and have been moved so very deeply by it's meaning.

As i reed through the pages I began to see that although I have never started a jar or giving a jar of my own to someone else that I did indeed have already received many.I received it almost daily wither by and friend being there with their shoulder to cry on, or the face on my kids when they are happy, or the financial help that comes wither by actual money or services i can not afford. I will forever be grateful for the jar i received this Christmas Eve because it is a wonderful reminder that we all receive them wither with a jar or a kind hello from a passer by.

Christmas is for all year and I pray that although never having giving a actual Christmas Jar of my own to someone that I have giving it in the many ways that I have received it even without a jar. Thank you again for passing this story forward to all who read it and begin their own personal Christmas Jar.

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