Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Jars Story: 'We plan on doing one every year'

Meridian, Mississippi:

The church has a Wednesday night fellowship meal and then Bible study. After the meal, but before the study, we pass around a red plastic container labeled "Christmas Jar". We all put loose change or bills in the jar each week and at the end of the year it adds up to a large sum of money. This way, people give a small amount each week, one they usually don't miss, but the results are great at the end of the year. Those giving don't feel overwhelmed and someone with a financial need gets help. It's a win, win for everyone. This is the second year we have done a Christmas Jar. We plan on doing one every year. So many get blessed, the ones giving and the ones receiving. Thank you for giving us this avenue to help others.

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