Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Jars Story: 'We will never forget your charity'

Shoreline, Washington:

On Christmas Eve my husband and I were sitting up in the living room with our 2 eldest girls getting ready to do Santa's work when a knock came at the door. Being almost 11:00 at night it startled us! Who could that be at this time? Not expecting anyone that night my girls looked out the window to see who or what it was. Seeing there was no one there they cautiously opened the door to find a gift bag on our porch. They carried it in exclaiming, "this is heavy"! We opened it to find a large jar of money! No note to be found, we stood in awe wondering who could be responsible for such a kind and generous gift! Upon further investigation we discovered two fifty dollar bills folded up and a hundred dollar bill as well buried amongst the massive amount of coinage! With nine people living off only a single income, and the economy being what it is we have been stretched to say the least. This will helped ease our financial burdens, and renew our faith in the Christmas Spirit! The lord really does work in mysterious ways! Thank you to the Santa that yelled back over his shoulder, "Merry Christmas", while running from our residence! We will never forget your charity and will be looking for opportunities in the future to pass it along to others that may have fallen upon hard times. What a great example of the true meaning of Christmas this was for our children.

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