Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Jars Story: 'To think I was thinking of killing myself only 2 days ago'

Bellingham, Washington:

I read this book while I was deployed last christmas in the Arabian Gulf on a US navy ship.

I collect all my change for the entire year after my return in March. My husband kicked in too.

I was going to go to walmart or some place where I could tell someone needed the money, but as I was driving back from an appointment tonight, I had my jar with me and this truck was at the gas station, driver door duck taped shut and the lady getting out on the passenger side to wash the windows and put gas in because the guy couldn't get out of the drivers door. It was a moment of complete random, "Hey excuse me wait please dont drive off I want to give you something.... Here - I hope you have a merry christmas or that this will help you in some way if you dont need it please find someone else that could use it. Your my first I will remember this moment forever...." I handed them a big mason jar full of nothing but silver coins and a copy of this book by Jason Wright " Christmas Jar's" I singed it inside with the Month and Year saying the same message and my hope for them to pay if forward some day when they are capable, and signed my name. They were completely speachless. She looked at me with a huge confused look, he muttered thank you.

This was the best thing I have ever done and it made me feel amazing. and to think I was thinking of killing myself only 2 days ago...... thank you sir, for this wonderful book, I almost forgot about it.

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  1. First thank you for your service to this country and welcome home. My father served in the Army during Vietnam and my Grandfather in the Marines during WWII our service people are some of the best things about living in America. I am glad that you found the spirit and magic of Christmas and giving to others. I'm very glad that you are still here to share your Christmas Jars story. The Christmas Jars bring many blessings to those who receive, but as a giver myself I have to say those who give are blessed double. I pray things will look up for you and family. God Bless you!