Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Jars Story: 'There was almost $500 in that jar, we were speechless'

Potomac Falls, VA:

The week before Christmas and I was just about to begin some Christmas shopping, telling myself we're "keeping it simple this year" and just feeling overwhelmed with the extreme busy-ness and stress as of late. You see, my 7-year old, Joey, was born with a form of bone marrow failure, and although he "escaped" getting a bone marrow transplant when he was one-year old, and had not needed a transfusion for 4.5 years, his blood counts had plummeted to dangerous levels again since early 2011 and the doctors told us it was time for tranpslant. The Monday after Thanksgiving Joey started immune suppression treatment in the hospital for 2 weeks, and I recall leaving the hospital being surprised by all the Christmas decorations and surprised by time not having stood still in the outside world. Where did the time go? Yet for Joey, it was all about time...waiting to see how this immune treatment is for him, waiting to see if we find a donor match.

And then there we were, one week until Christmas, still interviewing people to be Joey's caretaker while he has to be out of school for the next 4-6 months during this treatment, and beside myself with the logistics of a full-time job, finding care for Joey, and taking care of his older two brothers as well. However, I knew I had wonderful support, from my fiance, family and friends, I knew that the people around me were acting as God's hands, feet, and words in our lives. But it is still hard and discouraging at times, which I'm actually ashamed to admit. It is easy to feel alone and discouraged, and sometimes wonder if God is listening, and time and time again, He shows me He is ALWAYS THERE!!

One week before Christmas, and after my fiance and I left church, we stopped by my house before shopping to find a gift bag in front of my door. We looked in the bag and pulled out a jar filled with bills and coins, and the book "Christmas Jars" and a card that read "From our family to yours" and no names. We were silent with wide eyes. It was unbelievable. There was almost $500 in that jar, we were speechless. And we didn't know who it was to even thank them. So we thanked God and counted our blessings.

Then later that week the principal at the boys' school told me there was a package waiting for me. And to my complete surprise, it was a Christmas Jar that collected donations for Joey from selling ornaments decorated by the school staff. Again, just speechless. It's hard to describe the feeling of love that is felt, it's literally heart warming and makes the eyes widen with joy. I am just so touched beyond words, although want everyone to know how much I thank them. THANK YOU!

The love and support we have felt has just been so amazing. It is hard to ask for help and often easy to feel alone dealing with a child having a life threatening illness; but we are not alone! I am just so amazed by the outpouring of prayers and generosity. I know every prayer is being heard!!

This has been "the best Christmas ever", as Joey himself put it :) And from the bottom of my heart, I thank those that did this for Joey and our family. Please know that you and your intentions are in our prayers.

With sincere gratitude,

Joey's Mom

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  1. Wow. It is so amazing how God works. (as the tears drip off my chin)