Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Jars Story: 'My wife has stage 4 Breast cancer'

Guerneville, California:

My wife has stage 4 Breast cancer and has been totally disabled by it. She had to give up her job and has had 4 surgeries and lost 60+ lbs from the chemo therapy. She is not expected to survive for very long. I had been retired due to my inability to find work at 64 years old. Luckily I was hired temporarily to fill my wife's position. Unluckily I was laid off on Dec 17th. We are in fairly desperate financial shape but worse is the depression and feeling that the whole world is set up for others, rather than us.

Yesterday we were having a small Christmas get together when I went out front and found a bag on our porch. It was a jar with $50+/- in change in it and a copy of the Christmas Jar. This has really lifted our spirits because it is a touch of caring from another person.

We have isolated our selves as the disease has gotten worse and that has cut off many of our friends. This increased the isolation and makes us feel lonely and outside all that is going on.

The jar, being a totally unexpected gift, cut through our sadness and made us a lot happier. Both of us read the book already and our daughter is almost done. I have already designated a jar for us to fill for next year and it will surely be a very neat addition to our Christmas traditions. I thank the author for thinking of this book. It is a great concept and desperately needed in these times - Both the giving and the receiving.

Thanks to Some really sweet person who thought of Us!!


  1. You and your wife will be in my prayers. God bless you.

  2. God Bless! It's funny - sometimes in our most darkest moments and times, God will shine through in small miracles, whether in a Christmas Jar, a smile on your daughter's face, you never know. I hope as you and all of us enter 2012, we will remember to look for those small miracles, and remember that good things can come out of bad.