Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Jars Story: 'Part of the blessing is the delivering the jar'

Clermont, Florida:

Merry Christmas. This is our 2nd year delivering our Christmas Jar. We actually gave it today on Christmas Day. It almost didn't happen. We are full time Rvers and I rely on a church to give me a name. Went to two churches they didn't want to give me an address. First church, the priest said "he didn't know me and was reluctant to give me an address" -- the other church wanted me to give the jar to the Secretary and she would pass it on to the recipient. No go for me because I think part of the blessing is the delivering the jar and the other part is the person who is receiving the jar, Yet that didn't stop me--I knew God would lead me. wow I had saved this money for a whole year. Time was getting short so I went to another church and low and behold I had a address. So after breakfast we drove to the home and two school age boys and their mom came to the door and we said "Merry Christmas" and left. What a feeling..I am a happy camper...literally

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  1. This "giver" stopped at Family Christian Center to obtain a name and my Charity was asked to chose a family in need. We delivered over 800 gifts to local under-privileged students at school level, but this was truly the highlight of my Christmas. I ordered the book, read it immediately and I bet I have told 50 people about this experience. This is an excellent was to make the world a better place. With the economy as it is we could use Christmas Jars year-round!

    Julie Hulley
    Founder- Back to School is Cool -Lake County