Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Jars Story: 'My eyes overflowed with tears'

Island Lake, IL:

We found our Christmas Jar and book in our mailbox on Christmas Eve. This year has been such a struggle. My husband had two surgeries and we felt so blessed that he survived his bout with kidney cancer. It has been a hard year where we just barely made our mortgage and bill payments (with only a few dollars to spare) during the time my husband was ill and eventually lost his job. Always trying to make ends meet and dealing with two major car breakdowns; it was only with God's help, we kept a positive attitude and survived. When I saw the jar filled with coins, my eyes overflowed with tears. Someone actually cared and took the time to think of us. I feel so very blessed. My husband's health is much better and now I am starting my own jar to pass on to someone else next year. A very special Thank You to all of the secret guardian angels & may God bless you throughout the year.

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