Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Jars Story: 'If my angels read this'

Hayes, Va:

Story: Hi. My name is Kristen Millen. I was in Dollar tree with my sister and my 5 month old son today when I experienced a miracle. My year has been so hard starting with losing my job during my maternity leave to havin my son being born sick. To top it all off we lost the great grandmother to my son who was supposed to meet him on the day she passed as well as my car broke down. I went in Dollar Tree to buy my son a few small presents and was given a true miracle when I walked outside and was approached by a stranger. She walked over to me with her friend and put her hand on my shoulder then handed me an envelope and told me it was to make a family very happy. I thanked her and she walked away. When I got to my sister's car I buckled my son in and opened the envelope. Inside there was a letter explaining why she gave the envelope to me and some money inside it. I immediately began to cry. Thanks to these ANGELS my son will have the best Christmas ever. I have never wittnessed such a miracle. I went from struggling to having the money to make a Christmas for my son. If my angels read this I just had to say God Bless you and it is my turn to pass on a miracle to somebody else in need. Thank you.

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