Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Jars Story: 'I have faith that God will provide'

Burton, Mi:

This has been a hard month! On December 1st my gramma passed away and then the very next day my husband got laid off of his job that he has only had for 6 months. Before getting this job we had a long 2 years of looking for work cause he was laid off from another job almost 3 years ago. Then we found out he was not eligible for unemployment, so we were facing a very rough December. My youngest became very sick the week before Christmas and that made things even harder. We went to church Christmas morning and I was handed a bag and told that someone left this on the front table for me. When we got home and opened it, there was the Christmas Jars book and of course a jar of money! The Lord has sure watched over us this month, He knew we were down and going through a rough patch! My husband is still looking for work but I have faith that God will provide!! :)

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