Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Jars Story: 'I am so blessed to have someone care about me'

North Tonawanda, New York:

I am currently unemployed and also had to have an eye surgery for a detached retina putting me on strict bedrest. As you can guess my holidays were seemingly depressing. I opened my door one day to a package wrapped in a clear plastic bag with the tag saying "Taylor, Merry Christmas". No name of a sender in sight. When I opened the package to find the book and a jar of coins and bills I was baffled. I read the story on the back of the box and was in tears that someone did this for me. I immediately called multiple family members and they were all just as quizzical as me. I am so blessed to have someone care about me enought to do such a kind thing. I am just sitting down to read the book and cannot wait to return the favor of this tradition next year to someone deserving.

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