Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Jars Story: 'even though it wasn't Christmas I knew they needed the jar'

Vacaville, California:

I read the book a couple years ago. This year I decided to start a jar. I ended up saving $148ish. I had written names on slips of paper of people who I thought could either use the mones or their spirit lifted. I was going to pick a name on Christmas Eve and deliver it.

In November I visited a friend to hang out and chat. She revealed she had been afraid that she was going to get laid off from her job. She also talked about some recent struggles her family had been having. Her husband had been out of work for quite a while and pride kept him from getting disability. She had been out of work for a while too, and she only recently got the job she was afraid she was going to be laid off from. She has beaten cancer twice. They sold their nice home in the country and moved into town. The money that wasn't spent on the house went to bills and they were now tapped out. Recently other events have brought their spirits down more. It just seems like they can't catch a break.

I went home that night and my step mom and I talked about them. She told me it was worse than I thought. Even with roommates they were struggling to pay their part of the house payment. Struggling to buy grocerys and make car and insurance payments.

They have ALWAYS been there for others. Especially my son and I. So even though it wasn't Christmas I knew they needed the jar. The next morning before work I took the jar and the book and left it by their door. My dad was there when they found it. He said they were shocked and very grateful.

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