Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Jars Story: 'As i sit here with tears in my eyes'

oshkosh, wisconsin:

As i sit here with tears in my eyes still, i am overjoyed and very appreciative!!! it's been a long and hard year (or a while more) for our family. we don't have much due to the fact that i only recieve social security because of a disability. i do not beg or ask for help really, even tough we could use it. the school social worker became aware of our struggles and has been helpful and supportive! i recieved a call from her today asking if she could stop by. of course...we received a christmas jar and the book just an hour or so a time when we really could use it!! my sons will have something for christmas this year and we too will pass on a christmas jar next to our anonymous jar giver, we'd like to thank you and wish you a wonderful holiday season!!

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