Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Jars Story: 'All year as we dropped change in the jar'

Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania:

After reading the Christmas Jars last Christmas, our family decided to start our own jar in January 2011. All year as we dropped change in the jar, we thought about who would be the recepient at the holidays. As we got closer to Christmas we just knew in our hearts what we planned to do. We decided to donate to Mary's Shelter which is a local shelter in our area for young pregnant woman and new moms with their babies. Here are the details: My dad died two years ago after a tough battle with cancer. On December 6 he would have been 76 years old. In honor of his birthday our entire family bought 40 childrens books. Then with more of our Christmas jar money as well as other donations from family we bought baby supplies and toiletries for the women. All donations were brought to our home on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. The books were delivered to the shelter before Christmas. All other donations are being delivered this week. We loved doing this activity with our family and have already started a new jar for next Christmas.

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