Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas Jar Story:'She showed me the bill'

Downey, CA:

I started saving coins in a canning jar in August,
2010. By November it was full so I started another.
On Christmas Eve I had 1 full jar and 1 1/2 full jar.
Unhappy with that I went to my credit union,
poured all the coins into their counter and it came
to a total of $42.18. I took that cash, put it in a red
envelope and left it on the door step of my neighbor.
The next day, Christmas Day I took over a tray of
cookies to the same neighbor and she told me about
the "special gift" she found on her door step. She
wept and said "Now I can pay my light bill." She
showed me the bill - in the amount of $42.18. I feel
very blessed to have seen this wonderful miracle!
Who knew that my change could be just what my
neighbor needed?

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