Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Jar Story: 'Words cannot describe how grateful I am'


I returned to work from having a few days off to find a wrapped gift left in my office addressed to me. I opened and read the card attached to the gift. The card had my name on it and was signed www.christmasjars.com. I was really confused and thought that maybe they were jars for baking ingredients. I opened the gift to find a jar filled with money. I was really confused at this point and spent the next couple of hours trying to figure out why it was left for me and from who. When i got home from work, I immedietly went on the website listed on the card. Tears filled my eyes as I read the meaning behind these jars. I still have no idea who left me the jar but words cannot describe how grateful I am. I plan to start my own christmas jar to share with someone this next Christmas.

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