Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Jar Story: ' We used that money for shoes, past due bills, and food.'

St. George, Utah:

My husband and I have been struggling financially, to the point that we cannot turn on our space heater at home to save on costs (the regular heater has never worked since we moved in), Even though we only live in a studio apartment with no separate bedroom, it is very hard to keep our home warm. I called the local newspaper office (The Spectrum) if they knew of any local programs that could assist us in getting a pair of shoes for my Diabetic husband since we couldn't afford any( he has a foot deformity so when we get him shoes we have to save for two pairs instead of one), the editor took my number and said she would call me if she heard of anything that could help.

The following day a newspaper writer and photographer came to our home to ask us about our story and such, but it was so cold in our place that I suggested they accompany us to where we go to keep warm on frigid days like this,the local mall or the secondhand store. So we did just that off we went to the secondhand store to keep warm and continue the interview. To my suprise they printed our story in the local paper two days before Christmas Eve!!!

I couldn't believe how generous and helpful people could be to complete strangers, we got a secret santa, giftcards to local supermarkets, a woman paid for my past due utility bill, all this brought tears to our eyes, and even though it was also embarrasing to let others know and see in the situation we are living in it also brought up our holiday spirits and faith in our fellow man. I had become somewhat jealous and biter of others that were able to afford Christmas, when we didn't have one single decoration or anything since we were force to sell a lot of our personal items in yard sales to try and stay a float of all our bills.

On Christmas Eve, at about a quarter to nine p.m. our doorbell rang, I called out "who is it"? (since we don't live on the nice side of town), nothing.....just silence. My husband had worked the day shift so he was home for the evening, therefore I opened the door...There on our doorstep was a copy of the book "Christmas Jars" leaning against a large jar! I was confused I thought maybe someone was being nice enough to share their own stash of canned fruit or veggies but it wasn't food, all I knew is that it was heavy enough i could't pick it up myself. I called to my husband to please help me , he walked over and picked up the heavy jar that was glistening full of coins and bills. We were both so suprised that we gasped and almost dropped it right there on our porch!! I was speechless, full of emotion and forever thankful, I had heard of Christmas being a season full of miracles but wow!! a beautiful thing like this had never happened to us in our eighteen years of marriage, we ran on the sides of our building and didn't see a living soul....I said " Thank You !whomever you are!" to the darkness infront of me and went back into our home.

No we were not dreaming....there on our bed sat a large jar full of money for US!! we gave thanks to our lord at that very moment and yes you guessed it, we stayed up most of the night trying to guess who our angel was, and rolled up coins all totaling $253.45 !! We used that money for shoes, past due bills, and food.

I read the book in one sitting and we have started a jar of our own, to give to someone else next Christmas eve! The Christmas Jar brought us hope, and made me feel ashamed for being such a scrooged those previous weeks, I hope and pray that everyone that receives a jar keeps the beautiful custom going and pay it forward. I know we will, again a BIG thank you to our Christmas Angel...God Bless You always.

Laura and Jose Jorrin

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