Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Jar Story: 'Saving in our Church Christmas Jar'

Woodstock, Ontario, Canada:

Sometime this past year we decided to start saving pennies and any other coin that we as individuals and families could afford to give in a large container. Most of the families themselves are also struggling and facing their own difficulties and financial challenges but we also know that we are doing well compared to others in our community. Sometimes we would forget to bring our change to Church and sometimes we would forget to put large container out in the hallway at Church that we were collecting the change in. We weren't sure if we had collected enough to make a difference. Well the money was counted and we had collected $124. What a lovely surprise. We purchased movie passes and donated them to our local Salvation Army for their Christmas basket program to be given to the older children in our community. What a fabulous feeling, knowing that we have brightened the lives of others. We are continuing this tradition again this year, only starting at the beginning of the year. It will be wonderful to see what we can do through a whole year of saving in our Church Christmas Jar.

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