Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: 'We were out of there without being seen'

Dunlap , TN:

Last year was my first year for giving the Christmas Jar.I learned of the jar after seeing Jason on the Glen Beck show.In Jan 2010 I started my next Jar.This year I put out two jars. This year I learned to cut off the inside lights so when my adult daughter opened the door we were not sitting in bright light. After meeting for a quick dinner we went in my car to the homes I had decided on.My daughter said mom if you had told this was going to be the night I would not have worn this outerwear vest.I looked at her and we started to laugh,the vest was a bright candy pink.She said you know this makes it a little harder to sneak up to some ones front door. At both homes the lights inside and out were on but I give her credit she sure can move fast and we were out of there without being seen.
What a great way to give,it brings my daughter and I so much joy.

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