Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: 'Santa came early, and left you a heavy package'

Wyoming, MI:

On Thursday, December 2, I received a phone call from someone on the staff of my apartment complex. "Santa came early, and left you a heavy package," she said. I went down the hall, wondering what I might have ordered that I'd forgotten about. I couldn't think of a thing. When I reached the desk, the staff person handed me a tall striped gift bag with ribbon handles, and well stuffed with tissue. I took the bag home, pulled out the tissue, and discovered a Christmas jar stuffed to the top with coins, and a copy of the Christmas Jars book. My benefactor had photographed the book cover, and trimmed the photo to fit into the jar.
In the process of sorting and counting the coins, I found a Spanish One Euro coin dated 2008 in the mix. All I can think is that SOMEONE loves me. The amount in the jar matched the amount I'd bid on an item at a silent auction a few weeks earlier, and an extra number of cents to correspond to the last numbers of my birth year.

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