Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: 'The husband lost his job over a year ago'

Murrieta, CA:

I read the Christmas Jars, a little over 2 weeks ago.  One week ago, we bought a jar, and began to put in coins.  I told the story in the book to family and friends, within one day, it was over half full.  My goal was to start a jar for NEXT Christmas since it was so late in the year...but the jar just kept filling up as people stopped by and we shared the story.  Then I realized we may have enough to give the jar to someone this year.  I decided who it should be.  We have friends in our church.  The husband lost his job over a year ago.  His severance has just run out.  They have 5 children, and most likely will have to move away unless there is a miracle and he gets hired.  The jar is for them.

As of yesterday, our little jar overfilled and we had to move into a twice bigger jar, and as of tonight... our bigger jar is to the brim.  Tomorrow we must go out and find even a bigger jar, because we have several people still wanting to contribute, especially now that they know who it will be for.  The are all sworn to a Christmas secret to keep it anonymous.  I have looked at the jar over and over this last week, wondering if more coins would find their way inside it... and tonight, one week later, not only did we fill it once, but twice over... everyone is so touched and motivated...it is truly brought the true spirit of Christmas to our home.

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