Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: 'I truly believe God knew who needed the jar more'


This was the third year of our Christmas Jar. This year, like 2 years ago, we asked our priest if she had any suggestions for our jar. I told her of the family I was thinking of and she agreed. My teenagers and I tried 4 times on 3 different days to deliver the jar. (We were reluctant to just leave it at the apartment if no one was home, as it was just too obvious even in a grocery bag.) I even had the church secretary call to check if anyone was home. Finally, on Christmas Eve we took the jar to church and asked our priest to give it to the family if they showed up for one of the services. At 11:23 pm on Christmas Eve I received an email from our priest telling us she had given the jar away. She gave it to someone else who needed his spirits lifted and hope for a better year. I truly believe God knew who needed the jar more and guided us in that direction. My kids were disappointed that they didn't get the rush of ringing the doorbell and running but they agreed that it all worked out perfectly.

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